5 Easy Green Tips on Being Eco-Better

Are you eco-better conscious?

Most families have been shopping more Earth-friendly for themselves, their children and for their pets. This is not a trend; rather it’s a way of life, an eco-better life. You can change your habits by changing your way of thinking and doing. First ask yourself why do I want a better, cleaner, less cluttered life for myself and my family? Once you have determined your reasons, next is to change your habits and transform your lives, for the eco-better.

Start out small by replacing your traditional incandescent lights bulbs with the more energy-efficient light bulbs. These energy-efficient light bulbs save more than $40 in electricity costs over their lifetime, use 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs and produce about 75 percent less heat-saving money with cooling your home. These energy-efficient light bulbs are not required by law, yet, but they are the best for the environment and for your family.

The next step is purchasing eco-better food products for your family. It’s best for you and your family to eat fewer animal products. Choose to support a local farm, organic produce stand and buy poultry and meat that are free of antibiotics, added hormones and no GMO feed animals. With supporting the local organic farms and produce stands, you are supporting the local community, which will stimulate the economy. Eating animal products raised on farms, you’ll provide the healthiest choice for you, your family and friends. Local stores in your area, such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Chamberlins Market, are great places to start your eco-better lifestyle.

Eco-better cleaning products are better for your family and the planet, since these products reduce chemicals from entering the environment. You can find vacuum cleaners that reduce landfill waste that are bagless, such as Dyson. Seventh Generation makes some great eco-better cleaning products for the entire house. You can also use regular items in your kitchen to clean your home. Cut a grapefruit in half, gently squeeze it, rub one tablespoon of sea salt on it and gently scrub your bathtub walls and wipe it with a soft cloth. Your bathroom will be clean with a fresh scent, and the walls will be shiny. Do not use this on fiberglass sinks and tubs. Unfortunately, this is not safe for those surfaces.

Buying for baby and kids is not a drag when finding eco-better products. You can find products online, at boutiques and soon at more mass market retailers. When looking for eco-better products for your baby, go online to dandelionforbaby.com, babyearth.com and diapersetc.com to name a few. Dandelion for baby is a family-owned company manufacturing eco-better toys, feeding products clothing for babies and other accessories for the family. There are all sorts of websites that will help you make that eco-conscious product for you and your family. Just take some time and read about the top products.

Start your own eco-better living in your community. Wonder what to do with all your paper products, magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes, etc.? Find the closest Paper Retriever Recycling bin at your local schools, nonprofits *Girls Scouts of America, and places of worship. What is great about this are the benefits for your community. The revenue earned from this paper being tossed in the PRR bins is used for the purpose as the organization sees fit. This means that by disposing of your paper goods, the organization can use the revenue to buy supplies or to give back to the community. Other ways to help your community are to plant a tree with the Give and Grow project, which is sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation. Start a small group with young adults, kids, grown adults and pick up trash and sort the trash by what can be recycled. Most office supply stores and mass retailers, such as Target have recycle bins inside their stores for recycling ink cartridges, paper, plastic bags and cans. Connect online to volunteerspot.com for volunteer opportunities in your local area.

Most of all, have fun with your new eco-better lifestyle.