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How to Create an Evening Oasis of Bloom and Fragrance

Evening Oasis of Bloom

I think it is equally important to turn your outside space into a place to feed your family, but not overlook the chance to escape into it. We have a suburban house, that has a backyard backed up to 5 other yards, so we wanted to create a perfect little oasis for ourselves to escape into. So, we are creating a moonlight garden, to give us a perfect little escape for those late-night bonfires.

moonflower bloomMany plants bloom in the evening, particularly in warm climates, and their delicious fragrance can be smelled on the breeze perfuming the whole area. The flowers are usually white or light yellow.

One vine that I especially like is an annual called, appropriately enough, moonflower...

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Landscaping for an Energy Efficient Home

Landscaping for an Energy Efficient Home

There are two main things that will be considered in this article to help you create an energy efficient home through landscaping.

Choosing the correct landscaping can save you money year round. According to the US Department of Energy, a tree planted in the right place can save you up to 25% of the cost of cooling your home. Two or three well placed trees can save the average home $100-$250 per year in energy costs. So, grab your shovel and let’s get started!

Landscaping: Building Shaded Areas

First, consider shading. In the summer a shaded area can be up to nine degrees cooler that a sunny area. You’ve undoubtedly noticed this if you have ever taken a walk in the middle of a hot summer day. As the sweat pours off of your face, you spot a tree ahead. You might walk a little faster...

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