Household Repairs Anyone can do

household repairs

Whether you are an urban homesteader or a rural homesteader, in the home there is always some aspect of the property that needs a little fixing up. Unaddressed, small problems and tasks become large and expensive eyesores, requiring professional attention, precluded by a sizable withdrawal from your bank account. Granted, not everyone has the skill set to remodel a house, or for that matter, even change a light switch. But everyone does have the ability to complete simple household repairs, and thereby save money and preserve their homestead.

A list of household repairs anyone can do should be approached from a perspective of maintenance, you’re just attempting to fix what you can properly to preserve a pleasant environment. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, ambition is a good thing in small doses. One certain way to spend a ton of money is to dive into a large project without the knowledge of how to escape. Once the realization hits that you can’t “wing it” it’s too late, and you’ll be kicking yourself as you make out the contractor’s check.

Household repairs to start with

Here’s a really simple list to start with for those mechanically challenged or those with little confidence.

  • household repairs: tighten screwsTake a regular head and a phillips head screwdriver and go around your house tightening screws. Sounds crazy, but you’ll be amazed how many are loose or cause squeaking.
  • Next, grab an adjustable wrench and do the same with all of the bolt heads in you house. Not so tough, eh?
  • Now grab a bucket, some soap, and the furnace filter, take it out in the yard and clean it. Let it dry thoroughly and replace the filter.

You’re on a roll now, confidence swelling nicely?

Additional household repairs to start with:

  • household repairs- using WD40Next, get a small oil can or spray can of WD-40 and lubricate every hinge in the home, Outside doors, inside doors, and cabinet doors, if it has a potential to squeak, give it a shot.
  • Go around the house and check every light bulb to make sure it’s tight, and change the ones that are burnt out.
  • Have stained furniture? It’s really inexpensive to rent an upholstery cleaning machine and some chemicals to make your furniture look new again.

Now, onward to the garage:

Grab the lawnmower, disconnect the spark plug cable from the plug, unscrew the old plug and replace it with a new one. Before connecting the spark plug cable, turn the mower over and clean the bottom, tighten the blade bolt, and sharpen the blade with a file or sharpening tool. Reconnect the spark plug blade and you’re finished. On the way out of the garage, oil the garage door hinges.

Sure none of these sound difficult, or even seem that important, but each little household repair makes your home a little nicer, and helps preserve your homestead.


Now do you feel ready to tackle theseĀ 10 simple home repairs?


If you have never sharpened a lawn mower blade, don’t fret, here is an infographic to help you out:

how to sharpen lawn mower blades

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