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Household Repairs Anyone can do

household repairs

Whether you are an urban homesteader or a rural homesteader, in the home there is always some aspect of the property that needs a little fixing up. Unaddressed, small problems and tasks become large and expensive eyesores, requiring professional attention, precluded by a sizable withdrawal from your bank account. Granted, not everyone has the skill set to remodel a house, or for that matter, even change a light switch. But everyone does have the ability to complete simple household repairs, and thereby save money and preserve their homestead.

A list of household repairs anyone can do should be approached from a perspective of maintenance, you’re just attempting to fix what you can properly to preserve a pleasant environment...

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5 Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

5 Simple home repairs

You don’t need a carpenter, painter, or some other professional every time you have a problem in your apartment, condo, or house. In fact, there are plenty of household repairs that you can do yourself with ease. Anyone can do these jobs, so don’t waste your money calling a professional on such small things. You won’t’ be putting yourself into any danger with these jobs, so don’t worry.

5 Simple DIY Home Repairs

  1. Paint Jobs

There’s a good mix between people who paint their own homes and those who hire others to do it. However, you should always be able to paint your own walls inside your home. The outside of the house should always be left to the experienced though. Anyways, painting the inside walls of a home a pretty simple...

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How to Replace A Light Switch

light switch cover photo

A light switch is often overlooked at how important it is around the house, until it no longer works correctly. When that happens, it is an easy task for any do it yourselfer to change out the broken light switch with a new one.

First thing to do is to figure out the type of light switch you will be working with.

There exist three varieties of light switch, a one-way switch, a two-way switch and an intermediate switch. All switches are rated at either 6 or 10 amps.

A one-way switch controls a light or lights from one position, usually by a door. A two-way switch is going to have a partner so that a light can be turned on and off from two positions, say by the kitchen door and the back door...

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