5 Eco-Friendly Landscaping and Living Tips

First of all, I think I can say confidently that garden lovers and enthusiasts alike are suffering very hard from the repeated announcements of global warming and rising prices. While this is a shame, we can all do something to impact positively.I’d like to start with the essential element for landscaping…water.

  1. Use Rain Water

Harvesting rain water is as easy as pie. It’s free and it saves a lot of money and energy. Sure, if you live the desert you can use water from the hose, but for those of us who live in rain-rich areas, we should really use rain water. Just put a bin outside when a storm is brewing and the next day, you can use all that fresh rain water to hydrate your plants. This is definitely better than running the hose for 3 hours and wasting a ton of water that could be used for something else. Transporting water uses precious energy that is becoming scarce today. Save some energy, use the Earth for the good of all, and save some green in your wallet.

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  1. Fertilizers

Instead of using petroleum based fertilizers that can harm humans and animals, use organic products. Organic is a word we’re hearing quite a bit lately, but that’s good. It’s a better alternative to nasty chemicals that have the potential to hurt us. Lowe’s carries a selection of organic fertilizers at a reasonable price. Better yet, instead of using gasoline for your lawnmower and wasting water on sprinklers on your yard, take out the grass and put in a “rain garden.” Wikipedia gives a detailed description of rain gardens.

  1. Compost

Yeah, it’s gross having a bucket in your house, full of rotted vegetables and fruit. In reality, it’s actually the best fertilizer ever. You can compost so much stuff, and if you don’t want it in your house, you can compost outside(space allowing), or buy a sealed indoor composter. Learn more about compost here.

  1. Solar Lights

Please, please, please don’t install electric lights for your garden! I find it pointless and such a energy sucker. Solar lights are cheaper, more effective, and use the most natural source of energy human beings have, the Sun. Go to either Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or your local gardening center and pick up some. You’ll be glad you did.

  1. Reel Mowers

Ok, Ok, I know you just cringed at that thought, but just consider: If you have a small lawn, then maybe it isn’t so bad. If you have 6 acres or something, then yeah, you could skip over this part. Reel powers use good old fashioned “elbow grease” and there is no pollution. And, it gets fun after awhile.



In all folks, we need to do something to help. Recycle, buy Eco friendly bottled water, whatever you can. For the gardeners: Keep planting and be smart about it!