10 Ways You Can Change the World!

So you want to help the planet but swimming in the ocean after an oil spill just isn’t your thing? Well, start saving the planet one less carbon footprint at a time. There are very simple, easy, cost effective ways to reduce your personal impact on the world. You can also help force others to reduce theirs by changing your habits.

Here are some Green tips that will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Go solar in every way you can and you will reduce your energy based carbon footprint in an amazing ways. It may cost a bit more in start up costs but over all you will be saving money as well. The sun’s energy is free and does not hurt the environment when used. If you do a massive system, you may even earn money from the utility company in your area.

There are many types of solar products, from path lights and pool covers to whole house electrical systems. However, if you are on a budget and want to slowly make changes that make big impacts there are some neat, cost saving, Green products out there.

Your biggest household carbon footprint is your major appliances. The cheapest fix is to replace the older appliances with newer energy efficient electrical ones. To save money and reduce your impact they have solar water heaters, refrigerators, and even deep freezers. You can install solar lights designed for sheds and garages in your home with simple modifications.


2. Reducing your energy consumption reduces your carbon footprint. Shut off or unplug any you will not be using in five minutes. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Changing your light bulbs to the energy bulbs will make a world of difference. Air-dry your clothes out on a line instead of in the dryer.

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3. Water is an important resource that needs preservation. Don’t draw more water then you need in cooking and cleaning. Make sure your washer and the dishwasher are filled before using them. In addition, check their settings to be sure they are using only what they need to. Check your pipes for leaks and then fix them.

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4. Did your Grandfather ever yell at you to close the door because he’s not heating the outside? Insulation is your Eco friend. By insulating your walls and ceiling, you trap the temperature you want to have in your home, inside with you. You save the energy it takes to cool and heat your home, which helps the planet and your wallet.


5. Turn down the dial to turn up the impact of your efforts. Your thermostats for the hot water tank, air conditioner, and heater should be set at around 70. If you can, go higher for the air conditioner and lower for the heater. Even a degree or two can save you 8% on your utilities.

6. Simple changes outside your home can make a world of difference to your carbon footprint as well. Use solar lighting, which is easy and reliable. Install rain barrels that can be used to water your plants. Another simple change is to plant trees and grasses to help fight and repair the carbon usage.

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7. Travel carefully, with others, and less to help not only lower your carbon impact. Instead of shopping at four places try to do as much as you can, in as few stores as you can. Take a stay home vacation. Put a tent out in the yard instead of 150 miles away. Walking is good on so many levels. Carpooling is a simple way to be Green.


8. Watch what you buy because you force companies to reduce their carbon impact when you affect their wallet. Buy local so your product isn’t using as much fuel in travel. If there is too much packaging around the item then look for a different one. Avoid bottled water if you are in a place with good tap water. Buy things that are created from nature made instead of man made materials.


9. Reduce your use of everything. The less you use, the more you save. Simple changes like instead of throwaway bags for your lunch, use a lunch box and re-sealable containers. Cook at home instead of picking up fast food. Reuse anything that you can. The littlest things count in big ways. You can use that plastic fork again if you wash it. Recycle anything you can that cannot be reused. You can get creative like turning an old plastic soda bottle into a bird feeder. If you cannot use something, find someone who can.


10. Working to reverse the damage of your carbon footprint is the best thing you can do to be Green. Get back to the basics and think your actions through. It may be fun to take the family go carting but what are you harming? A family bike ride is just as fun and is better for both your body and the Earth.


You don’t have to try to change everyone but by changing you and your family, you will help change the world for the better. Start with the little things and keep growing on that. You will make a difference.