DIY Tick Repellent

It’s the season to be outside! Whether you’re spending your summer days hiking, biking, in the garden, or by the pool, there’s one pest we’re all a little paranoid about- ticks.

I feel my paranoia is justified. After one particularly lengthy “family walk” in the hills of southern Ohio, my father, sister, two brothers and I made our way back to my grandparents’ house, only to find that Dad had lead us right through a tick-infested field. We were covered in these little blood-suckers. (Thanks, Dad.) So after the long and arduous task of wrangling four squirming kids and removing every last pest, a thoroughly grossed-out 9-year-old me vowed that I would never again fall victim to the tiny vampires commonly known as ticks.

Ticks can carry Lyme Disease, so using a tick repellent isn’t just a...

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Growing Strawberries Vertically


Growing strawberries can take up a lot of land, which is sometimes a precious commodity for an urban homesteader. Not only can you do this to bring tasty strawberries into your home, but you can make it a family-centric project. Kids and dirt go hand in hand, and your kids will love this eco-savvy project. Not only is this environmentally friendly; it is also friendly to your back since picking strawberries can take its toll very quickly.

Growing Strawberries Vertically

Visit your local hardware store and purchase a piece of PVC pipe around 4 feet long and 12 in. in diameter, purchase another about 5 feet long and about 2 inches in diameter, along with some weed control fabric. Using a hole saw, cut holes in the 12 in. pipe...

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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Attracting birds to your spring garden is no easy task; it requires planting specific shrubs, flowers and following certain design principles in the proper way. This article will help you find that ‘magic’ trick to attract birds to your garden in a magnetic way.

The Steps to Attracting Birds to your Garden

Step no 1 – Choose the correct plants:

purple conflower for birdsWhether you are starting a new garden or are upgrading an existing one, make sure that you include the plants that attract butterflies and birds. Do some research and find out the best plants, some of the recommended plants are Butterfly Bush, Purple Coneflower, Sedum, Iris, Butterfly Weed, Asters, and Bee Balm. Most of these plants will help your garden shine all summer as they are late summer bloomers.

Step no 2 – Develop a grassland habitation...

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Lasagna Gardening Basics

lasagna gardening

Lasagna gardening is a fool proof way to garden. I am not talking about growing lasagna or veggies for lasagna either. I am talking about a no dig method of gardening. This article will outline the basic techniques of lasagna gardening and how to apply them in your own home garden.

Grasping the concept of lasagna gardening is a no brainer. Just think about how you make lasagna and that is exactly what you are going to do in the garden. By creating layers and then letting them decompose you will be creating the best soil on the block and will be the envy of all of your family and friends!

First you will want to choose your garden space. Big or small the size is up to you. You are going to need to get a hold of some cardboard and newspapers next. Lay these down. Cardboard first...

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How to Replace A Light Switch

light switch cover photo

A light switch is often overlooked at how important it is around the house, until it no longer works correctly. When that happens, it is an easy task for any do it yourselfer to change out the broken light switch with a new one.

First thing to do is to figure out the type of light switch you will be working with.

There exist three varieties of light switch, a one-way switch, a two-way switch and an intermediate switch. All switches are rated at either 6 or 10 amps.

A one-way switch controls a light or lights from one position, usually by a door. A two-way switch is going to have a partner so that a light can be turned on and off from two positions, say by the kitchen door and the back door...

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How to Grow a Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden tips

By planting and maintaining a butterfly garden you will be rewarded with nature’s beauty all summer long.

To draw butterflies you must select plants that produce nectar, as well as, host plants for butterfly eggs and caterpillars.

Host plants give food for caterpillars and a safe haven for butterflies to lay their eggs. Newly hatched caterpillars cannot travel far; therefore, the butterfly will lay its eggs on the preferred plants. If hungry caterpillars munching holes in your plants causes you grief, place these host plants in a less conspicuous area. However, be sure not to plant them too far from the nectar producing plants, otherwise butterflies will not lay their eggs on them.

Here is a list of some of the more common butterflies and their favored hosting plants.

  • Anise Swallowtail: p...
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DIY Makeup Remover Pads

makeup remover

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well, here goes nothing- I have a makeup addiction. (Kevin is reading this and giving a sarcastic gasp of shock right now, I guarantee it.)

My last three YouTube searches were all for contouring tutorials. Unless the house is on fire, I’m not leaving without my eyebrows filled in. And my Sephora frequent-flyer card takes a place of higher priority in my wallet than my library card (I’m a bookworm, so that’s saying more than you might think). I love makeup. Probably too much.

But the one thing every woman over 21 knows is that you absolutely, positively must take off your makeup at the end of the day. Unless you want breakouts, irritated skin, and puffy eyes, you do not sleep with your game-face on.

makeup-remover-padsFoundations, concealers, powders, and...

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Energy Efficient Home Guide

Are you ready to find out if in fact your home is as energy efficient as it can be?

Most of us have some big and many small things that we can do to better the energy efficiency of our home.  Whether you just want to drop a few dollars off of your gas bill or you are looking for a better way to fuel your home altogether, doing just a few things can make a tremendous amount of difference in your homes energy efficiency and monthly bills.

Why bother with energy efficiency?  You don’t feel like your home is energy inefficient and you can afford the bills so why bother?  Many people will be shocked to learn that they can lose up to 25% or more of the energy in their home without the need to.  You could literally be throwing your money out the window.

The good news is that making yo...

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Basic First Aid Guide

As a homesteader, whether urban or rural, you should know basic first aid. The below guide offers guidance for many common injuries and ailments. At the end, we have included for FREE a Pocket First Aid Guide, because in an emergency you might forget something important,  and it can serve as a great reference while camping or backpacking.

Another important aspect of proper first aid is a well-stocked first aid kit, for your home and for your vehicle(s). Just like the Boy Scout motto: “Always be Prepared”.

For more first aid advice, check out the Mayo Clinic Website First Aid advice section.

Check Pulse

The heartbeat causes a rhythmical expansion and contraction of the arteries as it forces blood through them...

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Compost; Build the Perfect Pile


Composting is a natural process in which decomposed organic materials are recycled into rich soil material known as compost. All living things decompose and the term composting usually refers to backyard composting, which is the accelerated version of the same natural process. By composting the organic waste, we can return the nutrients of life back into the soil, and the cycle of life continues. Finished compost resembles dark brown soil, and it feels crumbly and smells a lot like a forest floor.

Basics of Composting

While no one can deny the benefits of composting, building soil via composting is the perfect gardening project for a lazy person. A compost pile, unlike double-digging or weeding, takes care of itself and doesn’t take a lot of time and physical effort...

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